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Invisible Oil Engineered Wood Flooring

Invisible oil engineered wood flooring is a popular modern flooring solution that has managed to give wood floors the protection of an oil finish with the appearance of an unfinished floor. Invisible oil protects your wood floor just like a normal oil finish. This brand of finish, however, is transparent, so it lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through.

Oil finishes are without doubt the best finish option for those who want the effect of a natural solid wood floor. Unlike lacquer finishes, which create a shiny protective layer on top of the wood, oil finishes seep into the wood itself, protecting it throughout and leaving the surface with its natural character.

Invisible oils add to this naturalising effect. When applied to a wood flooring product, they seep into the seams and strengthen the grain, without changing the product's shade, unlike a regular oil finish.

Additionally, just like other oil finishes, invisible oil has a big advantage over lacquer finishes; it's extremely efficient when it comes to repairing a floor. You only have to repair the scratched or damaged area by reapplying the oil, whereas with a lacquer finish you would have to sand and re-lacquer the entire floor. This means that a floor with an invisible oil finish generally has a longer lifespan than a lacquer finished floor, because it requires less sanding.

The natural look of invisible oil stands in contrast to the high tech nature of the engineered boards. Engineered wood flooring has been carefully constructed from multiple layers of plywood or wood fibres, all of which is fused to a surface layer of natural hard wood.

The engineered core means that the wood is more stable than solid wood boards, in the sense that they don’t warp, shrink or change shape with fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

A solid wood board can experience malformations when it is installed in a room that gets especially cold and dry in the winter, or warm in the summer, but engineered flooring is designed to resist these changes. In addition, in many cases engineered wood will last just as long, or longer, than the more traditional solid wood. So you could have a wood floor that will last you the rest of your life!

The solid wood surface can be made from a wide variety of woods including oak, walnut, larch, acacia and more, each of which shows off its own particular qualities when used with invisible oil.

This means that choosing engineered wood flooring does not limit you in any way when it comes to the aesthetic of your wood floors. In fact, given that invisible oil does not have a visible effect on appearance, your engineered wood boards are even more customisable than they would otherwise be.

Invisible oil engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice if you want the superb feeling of wood flooring underfoot, the unbeatable look of natural hardwood, and a floor that doesn’t need replacing for many years to come.

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