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Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Engineered oak wood flooring is made up of separate layers of wood to create a single board. The top layer is natural oak which provides the high quality look and feel of solid wood, while wood fibre boards, like plywood, are layered underneath. Typically, there are 3 layers to each engineered oak wood flooring board, although it is not unusual to find engineered boards that contain more – sometimes up to 12.

The lower fibre board layers in engineered oak wood flooring run at 90 degrees to each other, adding strength and durability, so that the board always retains its size and shape even when under pressure, or when exposed to extreme conditions. This makes it a great choice for use in moisture-prone areas of the home like kitchens, with underfloor heating, or in areas of high domestic foot traffic, such as hallways.

The layer of oak on an engineered oak wood flooring board will usually be between 2mm and 6mm thick. It’s this thickness that determines how often the board can be sanded to remove any signs of wear and tear over time, with thicker layers recommended for high traffic areas. As the oak layer is thin, engineered oak wood flooring is environmentally friendly, helping our natural resources to go further.

Although there are many different types of engineered wood flooring, engineered oak wood flooring is one of the most popular choices in the UK. It has a very traditional and somewhat luxurious look and feel, it’s widely available so is typically very affordable, and oak is, of course, famous for its attractive grain and interesting patterns. Neutral in colour, oak works almost anywhere, with any colour scheme.

In terms of overall appearance, it is actually very difficult to tell the difference between solid oak, engineered oak wood flooring, and laminate once the boards have been positioned. However, while aesthetically there are few differences, there are some notable differences in terms of practicalities. Engineered oak wood flooring tends to be more hardwearing than laminate flooring, for example.

Additionally, as the wood is engineered, it has a couple of very big advantages over solid oak. Firstly, engineered oak wood flooring can be cut with the newer style ‘click and lock’ system, which has fast become the preferred installation system for wood flooring in the UK. Two boards simply click together without the need for glues or adhesive, making it simple to put into place, even for a DIY beginner.

Secondly, the engineering process can create very wide engineered oak wood flooring boards; much wider than you’d find in a solid oak selection. While oak is generally quite a large tree, it’s no giant sequoia! Wide floor boards work well in very narrow or small rooms as they give the impression of more space, and create an airier environment, while narrow boards are more suited to larger areas.

For those looking for the perfect fit for their home, engineered oak wood flooring can be an excellent choice. It’s incredibly versatile, and is available in a number of different finishes such as lacquered, brushed, aged, and so on. It’s possible to pick a design and style that perfectly matches existing home decor, or a personal preference or vision. The possibilities of engineered oak wood flooring are endless.

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