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Engineered Walnut Wood Flooring

It’s no secret that walnut lends a touch of class to any room. But as one of the softer species of hardwood flooring available, some homeowners believe that solid walnut is not as durable as other species, such as oak. That’s where our specially designed engineered wood flooring comes in. Specifically constructed for unbeatable strength and stability, engineered wood flooring is perfectly suited for areas of high moisture and humidity, proving resistant to the warping and shrinkages that 100% real wood floors are prone to. Our expertly curated solid walnut veneer makes a fantastic addition to this state of the art wood flooring solution. Because of this, engineered walnut wood flooring has drastically increased in popularity over recent years, delivering impeccable style and utility to many homes across the UK.

The Benefits

Thanks to its revolutionary design, engineered walnut wood flooring is highly versatile, and can be placed in areas deemed unsuitable for solid wood floors. Due to the unique composition of multiple layers of compressed timber, engineered wood flooring can be installed in kitchens, over underfloor heating, and even in areas of direct sunlight. With engineered walnut wood flooring, you can achieve stunning results in any room at an affordable cost. In addition, the naturally darker tones of solid walnut make for a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for larger spaces.

The Choice

Our engineered walnut wood floors have unparalleled style, with smooth, streamlined textures throughout. The incredible appearance of this popular flooring choice can be elevated to new heights with our wide range of finishes, styles, shades, and thicknesses. With an extensive collection of stock available, we are confident that you’ll find engineered flooring that is ideal for your home.

If you can’t decide which type of our high quality engineered walnut wood flooring is right for you, why not order a free sample? At Luxury Flooring, we are dedicated to helping you get the best out of your purchase. We also offer an excellent range of accessories, so you can maintain your new wood flooring with ease.

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