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Lacquered Parquet Wood Flooring

Lacquered parquet wood flooring is often referred to as a contemporary, varnished finish as it offers a protective coat over the material while also giving the timber a healthy looking shine. So – why else would you choose a lacquered parquet solid wood floor?

The lacquered finish is incredibly striking, and is one of the most popular finishes here at Luxury Flooring. Approximately 7 layers of lacquer are applied to the surface of the timber – giving the product ultimate shine and protection.

There are several benefits to lacquered flooring but the main one is often said to be the ease of cleaning and maintaining a lacquered surface. The lacquer prevents any splashes or spillages seeping through and affecting the material. This also makes it incredibly easy to mop up the spillage or splash. Please note, we would still advise that the stain is tended to as quickly as possible to decrease the chance of the liquid staining the surface.

Lacquered flooring is perfect in rooms that have heavy traffic such as hallways/entrance to your household. A lacquered finish is one of the most hardwearing finishes available within the flooring industry. A lacquered finish also works well in rooms that are subject to more sunlight than others, for example, the conservatory. This is simply because the sunlight reflects off the shiny lacquered surface and creates a warm glow within the room.

Another finish that is available in our parquet flooring range is the ‘brushed and lacquered’. This particular finish has all the qualities of a lacquered product with the added component of a lightly brushed finish – offering a textured, more natural feel to the boards. This finish is also available in ‘brushed and oiled’ as opposed to brushed and lacquered.

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10 Item(s)
Painswick Champagne Oak 150 x 600 x 14/3mm Click
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Chamonix Yogurt Oak 90 x 750 x 15/4mm
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Thorpe Ranch Oak Herringbone 70 x 350 x 18mm
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Chamonix Plover Oak 90 x 750 x 15/4mm
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Painswick Silky Oak 80 x 300 x 10/3mm
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Chamonix Glistening Oak 90 x 400 x 18/4mm
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Painswick Fired Oak 150 x 600 x 14/3mm
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Painswick Mountain Oak 70 x 350 x 11/4mm
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Painswick Native Oak 70 x 350 x 11/4mm
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90mm x 600mm Coffee Stained & Lacquered Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
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