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Smoked Engineered Wood Flooring

Smoked engineered wood flooring is an attractive option if you are looking to create a rustic and individual feel to your home, the beautiful range of shades in smoked wood boards makes each one unique. Smoked wood is created by leaving the wood in an atmosphere where ammonia is present, the longer it's left, the darker the wood will become. Smoked wood has large colour variations to suit your requirements, from reds and browns to almost black.

The Benefits

Due to the unique process undergone to achieve the finish, our smoked engineered wood flooring is fantastically individual. The smoked finish has boundless character, providing a modern yet rustic look and feel to your home. Additionally, the unbeatable durability of engineered wood flooring will leave your smoked finish feeling as high quality as the day it was installed. The combination of stability and flair leaves this flooring highly recommended by previous customers.

The Choice

After extensive testing, we have discovered that the process used to achieve a smoked finish works especially well on solid oak. Because of this, our smoked engineered wood flooring comes with a solid oak veneer of impeccable quality. This incredible pairing of species and finish is not one to be overlooked.

Our smoked engineered oak wood flooring is available in an extensive variety of styles, shades, and thicknesses. We also offer a range of accessories to help keep your floor looking its best, so you get the best results from your purchase.

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