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Versailles Parquet Flooring

Versailles Parquet flooring should be used is you want something different and luxurious in your home. It has a vintage vibe that really catches the eye with its striking beauty and unusual pattern.

Not only are Versailles tiles different from wood flooring, but all parquet flooring too. The individual blocks are arranged into a square shape with the appearance of diamond, triangular and diagonal patterns also dotted throughout. In fact, the longer you look, the more intricacies you can see, making this floor seem like new every time you see it.

This style of flooring was created in France in the Château de Versailles in the 17th century, due to the maintenance needs of the alternative stone floors. It was soon copied by those who wanted to decorate large mansions and palaces, but luckily these days the Versailles style is attainable by anybody! There is a luxury, classy and vintage associated with this floor, making it ideal for those looking to create an air of sophistication in their home.

Due to the perception of Versailles flooring, it is recommended to pair it with other classy or vintage items, such as antiques, paintings, and extravagant decorations. It also works well in rooms with fireplaces, although it can be adapted to more modern rooms too, as long as you think it looks good!

The fact our range comes with brushed, oiled or lacquered finishes, and that it is parquet wood flooring, means it is easy to clean and hides any scratches or damage well. The patterning itself aids this too, meaning this floor has greater longevity that many alternatives.

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