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Hand Scraped Solid Wood Flooring

Hand scraped wood flooring has always been sought after amongst people who want to create an old looking, worn flooring.

Why Solid Hand Scraped Flooring?

If you want to create a slightly older looking floor, which appears to have been worn down over time, then solid hand scraped flooring could be for you! Available in a range of wood species, as well as all the usual finishes, hand scraped wood flooring can also come with stains on the surface, giving it a more authentic, rustic look. Scratches or damage to hand scraped floorboards is much less noticeable than on a smooth lacquered finish because of the way light is reflected off it.

What are the alternatives?

To get the same sort of effect as solid hand scraped floors, there really aren’t that many options, unless of course you’d prefer an engineered hand scraped product, which can also be found on our site.

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