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Save up to 20% across 180+ flooring lines! End of Summer Sale - Offers end on Friday 25th September

White Laminate Flooring

A white laminate floor in your home can improve it in many ways. By using one of our products below, you will provide your home with both the visual and the practical advantages of white flooring, as well as reap the many general benefits of laminate.

Firstly, you will create a lighter and more spacious atmosphere in your home, helping make small rooms appear larger, and larger rooms appear more elegant. With natural light, the light look is enhanced further to create a positive and cheerful atmosphere that will make any guest feel at home.

In more practical terms, white flooring can create a blank canvas in which you can add other tones in furniture, rugs and ornaments to create a personalised and unique look. The other décor you use can help create themes too, and as white is a neutral shade, you can use any colour you wish without worrying about clashing. For example, black furniture can be used for a monochrome look, gold can improve elegance, and bold colours such as green may create a standout effect. White walls when paired with white flooring can also make a space pop and ensure your ornaments stand out much more as well as create a sense of fluidity. These options further show the versatility of white laminate, and showcases how it can be a staple in your home throughout years of future redecoration.

On the other hand, white can easily show up dirt. However, this makes it much more hygienic, as you always know when it’s time for a clean. Avoid using the purest shades in homes with pets.

White also helps modernize a home. It is a far cry from the traditional oak shade that is predictable of many laminates and wood floors, making your home much more unique once incorporated. Whether you live in a country cottage or modern city flat, white flooring is a timeless sensation that will attract buyers and please guests.

What may surprise people is the fact white laminate isn’t always fully white. There are pure white options of course, but white can often refer to an extremely light or whitewashed shade of oak. There are even some with beige tones, which is demonstrated in our product images so there are no nasty surprises. If you want to see each floor for yourself up close, feel free to order free samples to see which one offers the ideal look for your home.

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11 Item(s)
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