Engineered Wood Flooring Finish Advice

There are a few different options when it comes to the finish of your engineered wood flooring, which one you choose will depend on the look you are aiming for and the level of protection you require. Carry on reading to discover the pros and cons of each finish we offer.

Lacquered- Our lacquered engineered flooring has a smooth finish as the lacquer sits on top of the wood creating a protective layer, this means that it is unbelievably easy to clean and extremely resistant to scratches. The lacquer creates a glossy polished finish which will reflect the light in your room, making it seem brighter and more spacious. Lacquer also protects your flooring from sunlight much better than oiled floors.

Oiled- Oiled wood is ever becoming more popular as people opt for its more natural look. The other factor that adds to its charm is that unlike our lacquered finish, the traditional oil actually seeps into the wood which strengthens it. If you ever damage part of your engineered floor, you will only ever need to sand down and reapply oil to any damaged areas, as opposed to lacquered wood where you would have to sand down the whole room. We would also like to inform you that an oiled wood floor will show the effects of direct sunlight more that its lacquered alternative.

Brushed and Oiled- Our brushed and oiled wood will create a more natural look in your room as it is not perfectly smooth and shiny. It has a lot of character due to the process used to finish the wood; it is wire brushed to remove the fresh wood, exposing the older wood beneath with its traditional grain, knots and rings, this also aids in hiding any scratches your engineered flooring may endure. The oil soaks in, strengthening the wood and enhancing the natural look, please note; this does need to be re-oiled every now and then but it is a relatively easy task.

Brushed and Lacquered- Brushed and lacquered wood flooring gives you the natural look as all the knots, rings and grain patterns in the wood are exposed during the wire brushing process. As this engineered flooring is also lacquered, you are getting the best of both worlds as your traditional looking floor is coated with a strong protective layer. When light falls on your brushed and lacquered floor, some is absorbed and some reflected so any scratches would be unnoticeable to the naked eye. This is an excellent choice, easy to maintain and the lacquer protects your wood against sunlight.

Hand Scraped- Our hand scraped engineered flooring offers an aged, worn and very individual statement to your room. This flooring used to be incredibly expensive as it was highly labour intensive to hand carve each board, however, machine hand scraped wood has become available recently, thankfully also coming with a modest price tag. Choosing our hand scraped wood will give you classy designer flooring well below high street prices! Available in a variety of species and finishes.

Unfinished- Although we do try our best, we understand that we may not supply the perfect colour, shade or finish that you require. Therefore, we supply unfinished engineered flooring so that you can design your own finish to make it personal. This will allow you to create a truly bespoke floor. We would like to recommend that you experiment on unfinished wood samples to first help you find the look that you desire.

White Washed- Our elegant white washed engineered wood is simply brushed then coated with a white stain. We think your white washed floor will ooze character and look unique and chic, working especially well in dark rooms to cleverly brighten your living space.

Smoked- Don't worry, this does not mean we are burning your flooring! Our smoked engineered flooring is left in a confined environment with ammonia in the atmosphere, the ammonia in the air makes the wood darker. This special treatment creates hard wearing wood with an aged and classy look.