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Pale & Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

Pale and grey engineered flooring is an easy way to give your home a stylish and modern look, long-lasting both in terms of taste and structural integrity. Pale and grey hues have the ability to make any room appear lighter, brighter and more spacious. They work especially well, according to interior decoration and design experts, when you have dark furnishings, as this can create some gorgeous contrasts.

However, whether your furnishings are light or dark, they will be made more prominent against pale or grey engineered wood flooring. If you are not sure just how this particular colour palette will go with your home or office’s aesthetic, order a sample. Any flooring company worth its salt (including ours of course!) is happy to provide free samples to prospective customers. This way they can weigh their options based on all the variables – climate, light, décor, etc. – that are present at the installation site.

Pale and grey engineered wood flooring is composed of a beautifully treated surface layer, also known as a "lamella" or a "wear layer", and then a carefully designed core layer of plywood or fibreboard to make the floor strong, long-lasting and stable.

The stability of a wood floor refers to its ability to keep its shape even as environmental conditions change. Solid wood boards, lovely as they are, are vulnerable to physical changes, including buckling and shrinkage, when the room in which they are installed is exposed to extremes in temperature or humidity.

If it’s too dry and cold, the wood can shrink and cause gaps in the floor. If it’s too warm and wet, the boards can expand and bend in at the edges. Engineered wood solves this problem by helping the boards resist these changes.

The core layer comes in three different options: multi ply, three ply and high-density fibreboard.

A multi ply core means that under the solid wood surface layer there are between 4-12 layers of fused plywood. This is one of the strongest designs in the engineered flooring category.

Three ply is similar to multi ply, however the board is only constructed from 3 separate layers, consisting of a hardwood surface layer, a core layer of plywood and supported by a bottom layer of plywood. This makes the price tag of three-ply wood flooring a good deal and more enticing than that of multi ply engineered wood, which can be expensive.

HDF is a different option in which the core is composed of many fused layers of fibreboard.

The wear layer of engineered wood is made from natural solid wood so, once installed, the boards look just like solid wood boards. This top layer can vary in thickness from 2mm to 6mm. Boards at the thicker end of the spectrum can be sanded down and refinished up to 7 times, and don’t need a first sanding for about 15 to 20 years. This means that they can last just as long as solid wood boards – a whole lifetime in some cases.

A 2mm lamella, on the other hand, can only be sanded and refinished about 3 times, which means it will still last you for several decades.

Whatever the composition of the core and lamella, when you choose pale and grey engineered wood flooring, you’re choosing boards that are both exquisitely designed and naturally very beautiful.

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