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Pale & Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

Pale and grey engineered wood flooring is an easy and effective way of giving your home a stylish, modern look that is long-lasting in terms of both taste and durability. Available in many styles, the pale and grey aesthetic of our hardwood flooring would be a fashionable statement in any home. Coupled with the impeccable stability of our specially engineered wood flooring, the finish on these boards will remain stylish for many years.

The Benefits

The addition of pale and grey hues to your engineered wood flooring can make any room appear lighter, brighter, and more spacious. Many interior design experts agree that a pale and grey finish on your wood floor can create gorgeous contrasts with darker rooms, and add a touch of luxury to lighter spaces. An added benefit of engineered wood flooring is its resistance to warping and shrinkages. This means that your pale and grey wood flooring will be less prone to damages over time, allowing you to enjoy it for even longer than solid wood alternatives.

The Choice

The unique qualities of a pale and grey finish are enhanced even further when paired with the traditional look of solid oak. For this reason, our pale and grey engineered wood flooring comes with a solid oak lamella, delivering a contemporary twist on a classic choice.

This style of engineered wood flooring can be paired with a number of shades, finishes, and thicknesses to perfectly accommodate your needs. We also offer a range of accessories and maintenance products, giving you the ability to get the best out of your new wood flooring.

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