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Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

Grey is a neutral shade that can add elegance and sophistication to a home. Being neutral means it can be combined with any other colour with ease, whilst also not lightening or darkening a room too much. Overall, grey flooring - especially the engineered variety - allows you to add an elegant, subtle and unique aspect to a room without taking away from the beauty of your other decor.

Combined with different items and colours, grey can have many different effects. Combined with black and white, a monochrome and minimal theme is created, whereas when combined with bold colours, these tones will pop much more and really make a statement. Combining it with darker colours can reduce the size of a large room, and with lighter colours, a larger feel to a room is achieved without making it appear cold as white flooring would. The versatility of grey is clear, allowing you to redecorate however you please without limiting your options.

Engineered flooring can last you a lifetime due to the way it is constructed and its incredible durability, but many worry about the floor fading over time. Fortunately, grey engineered flooring will hide dirt really well, and any spillages or stains will be concealed until you find time to clean them up - which also makes them great for busy families. Another benefit of engineered flooring is the versatility it finishes, grade, plank size and thickness, meaning grey engineered flooring is one of the best options on the market.

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