Solid Wood Flooring Plank Effect Advice

The construction of your solid wood floor boards and the size and arrangement of the planks will alter the appearance of your room significantly. We sell single plank boards or boards made up of multiple smaller strips of wood, read about their differences here.

Single Plank- Single planks are easily our most common option for real wood flooring. This is the long established process of cutting one plank of wood from a tree and manufacturing it into a board, this ensures the flooring looks natural and the structure and grain of the wood can really be seen and appreciated. 

Three Strip- Our three strip plank solid wood flooring is formed by combining multiple small strips of wood together to create one board. This makes a slightly cheaper alternative to single plank floors. We recommend them in smaller rooms as they can create a mirage of space.

Parquet- Parquet flooring really will make a statement and look incredibly elegant in your home. It is constructed by laying many identical planks in a geometrical and angular pattern, as is evident in the pictures. Herringbone design is our most common but there is an array of patterns for parquet floors, to ensure you can achieve the individual look you desire.