Luxury Vinyl Tile Joining Method Advice

Our luxury vinyl tiles either use the clever and easy click system or you can use the butt up gluing method, read about each of them here to decide which is best for your needs.

Butt Up- The butt up joining method means that each tile is glued down, this is relatively easy to do but you must be careful with dimensions and ensuring the tiles are all straight and aligned. Glued LVT's create a floor covering that will not lift, can withstand heavy impacts and once it wears out you are usually able to lay a new floor directly over it (don't worry, they last up to 40 years!).

Click/Floating- Our LVT's with a click system are simply fitted by clicking each tile together. They certainly offer a softer feel underfoot and look more dignified than the glue down alternative as they are almost as thick as laminate flooring boards.