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Luvanto Design Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luvanto Design is one of the brand’s most requested and beloved lines of luxury vinyl tiles. With Luvanto, you are already purchasing a highly attractive and structurally sound product that is affordable. The design range adds to this, providing even more benefits to this already stunning LVT flooring. With added customisation, Luvanto design luxury vinyl flooring will be an excellent addition to your home.

The Benefits

The combination of a strong, stabilising PVC back layer, and an elegant photographic surface gives LVT all the style of a natural material without the additional high maintenance. As Luvanto Design flooring is highly regarded for its stunning realism, you can achieve uncompromised quality without having to perform additional duties to keep your flooring looking its best. Luvanto Design luxury vinyl flooring is also a must have for creative types with an eye for detail. The Design range is specifically constructed with a mix and match approach in mind. As a result, you can make your luxury vinyl flooring unique, and bring a touch of character to your home.

The Choice

As with all our Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, the Design range is available in both a wood or tile effect, offering room to room versatility. Whether you want the traditional feel of a country cottage, or the contemporary look of high-end city living, we have a style of Luvanto Design LVT that’s right for you.

Both effects are available in a variety of styles, shades, and colours, so you can find a flooring that is ideal for your home.

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