Brimham Golden Oak 125 x 18mm

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  • Bedroom
Product Code SO1029
Species Oak
Finish Lacquered
Surface Hand Scraped
Joining Method Tongue & Groove
Width 125mm
Thickness 18mm
Length 300-1200mm RL
Grade Rustic
Brand Brimham
Pack Size 1.5 m²
Construction Solid European Oak
Installation Method Floating, Nailed or Glued Down
Underfloor Heating Not Suitable
Pack Weight 21kg
Guarantee 25 Years
Plank Style Straight Plank

The Brimham Golden Oak is a stunning natural product which comes in a hand scraped authentic golden finish, which allows the true natural texture to be appreciated by sight and touch. Generally, hand scraped wooden floors are purchased to create an old worn look, but this product on display has seven coats of natural UV lacquer applied to the top of the surface allowing this product to be installed in both a modern and traditional outset.

Due to the intense finishing process this flooring has been through it makes it extremely hard for any scuffs and scratches to be visible on the surface, making this product ideal for any pets or children. Each plank has a width of 125mm (12cm) which is classed as an average sized width when it comes to solid wood flooring. The overall thickness of the boards is 18mm (1.8cm) thick, this will allow you to sand and refinish the floor approximately 7 times which is implemented once every 15 years on average, giving the flooring a life span of over a 100 years.

The length of each plank will vary between 300-1200mm (30cm-125cm) as this product comes in random lengths allowing you to lay the flooring staggered at random, this will also minimise wastage. There are few different ways you can install this stunning golden hand scraped oak flooring product, a floating floor where you glue the joint together, secret nail the floor where you nail the floor down into the wooden subfloor or finally you can stick the flooring directly to the sub floor. All our oak flooring products are sourced in Europe allowing us to provide the highest quality oak offering a 25 year guarantee.

Luxury Flooring can provide you with all the matching flooring accessories, such as matching thresholds strips for around the edge of the room and the doorways, underlay to offer protection underneath, glue to install the product and a whole load of other matching accessories and maintenance products.

If you’re looking to install solid or engineered wood flooring by hand, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Tongue and Groove vs Click

Before you purchase your solid wood flooring, check which installation system it uses. There are two main types: ‘Tongue and Groove’ and ‘Click’.

• Tongue and Groove is more traditional, ensuring dimensional stability and strength. Along one edge, a ‘tongue’ protrudes from the centre of the board, whilst on the other, an indented groove is cut into the wood. This allows each board to fit together securely.

• Click installation is quick and hassle free. Like tongue and groove, click boards fit together, however, the click method allows the boards to lock into place, snapping together with a single movement.


Many fitters prefer floating their boards due to quick and easy installation. Floating does not require you to fix your flooring to a subfloor. Both click and tongue and groove planks can be fitted this way.

Adhesive is applied to the groove for added stability, and underlay is fitted underneath the board. This cuts down on labour, whilst ensuring that your boards are comfortable and strong underfoot.


Fixing your flooring to the subfloor will encourage a long lifespan and minimal movement. Both Tongue and Groove and Click boards can be fitted this way, however, it is more popular with the former.

Depending on the material of your subfloor, boards can be fixed in a variety of ways. For solid surfaces such as concrete, adhesive is applied directly under the board. For wooden subfloors, the boards can be ‘secret nailed’ along the tongue. Both methods are equally beneficial, giving you outstanding results.

For an in-depth look at fitting solid wood flooring, check out our dedicated installation guide. We’ve curated the best tips and tricks, helping your renovation go smoothly.