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Brushed and Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring

Brushed and Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring is made up of a top layer of Brushed and Oiled hardwood attached to a base of many tightly compacted layers of plywood to help strengthen the wood and give it excellent stability once installed.

Brushed and Oiled is an extremely sought after finish. Each plank is elegantly brushed and textured which adds great character and warmth. Once each plank has been brushed, several layers of oil are applied which protect the floor from any stains and scratches. 

If you have any pets or children a brushed and oiled finish is always recommended, this is because the brushed surface can hide any scratches which may appear over time. If you are in search of a warm traditional oak product which has a natural oak look, a brushed and oiled oak flooring product is definitely the right product. 

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