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Cheap Engineered Wood Flooring

Cheap engineered wood flooring is a cost effective option for homeowners wanting to achieve the luxurious, high quality look of solid wood without the price tag. Engineered wood is naturally low cost as there is only a small amount of 'original' wood included on each plank. The majority of the plank is made up of multiple layers of strong plywood, while there is only a surface layer of real wood – often just 2mm to 6mm.

If you can splash out a tiny bit more, check out the rest of our engineered wood floors. Even our more expensive options are cheaper than our competitors!

In terms of thicknesses, thin-to-medium thickness lamellas are often a little more affordable than the very thick boards. Look for boards that measure between 10mm and 14mm in total, which will typically have a surface layer of around 3mm. This thickness is perfect for areas of light or moderate foot traffic such as bedrooms; it’s durable and hardwearing, and yet helps to save on cost. The perfect compromise!

When it comes to widths, things aren’t quite as straightforward. Narrow floorboards measuring between 90mm and 125mm in width are typically more cost effective, but take longer to install, which could increase the cost of labour. Wider boards may be a little more costly, but are so quick and easy to install that you may even wish to lay the flooring yourself. It’s a good idea to consider all of your options here.

Some people may worry that opting for cheap engineered wood flooring will mean that their flooring won’t last, or that it will become damaged easily. While this may be the case with some types of flooring, it’s not with engineered wood. Engineered wood is designed to last, regardless of the wood, the thickness, the size, the shape, or the cost. This type of flooring can last for up to 25 years - or even more!

Laminate flooring has traditionally been the ‘go to’ option for a cheap alternative to solid wood, but engineered wood has been gaining more popularity in recent years. Even cheap engineered wood has a number of benefits over laminate. Not only is it much more durable, but it also looks more like solid wood, and can be used in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen, and with underfloor heating.

In fact, there is even one advantage that cheap engineered wood flooring has over the more expensive engineered wood; thermal resistance. A thinner lamella will typically allow for greater heat transfer than a thicker lamella, so thinner, cheaper boards actually work a little better with underfloor heating. A 15mm board has a 0.8 tog rating, compared to the 1.0 tog of a 20mm thick board, for example.

In this section, you can find good quality engineered flooring at great prices like £22.99 per square metre including VAT, or if you want to see our full range, please click here: Engineered Wood Flooring

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