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Kahrs Supreme Da Capo Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

Kährs Supreme Da Capo Collection is characterised by its overtly rustic appearance, achieved by a great deal of careful hand-crafting on each plank, including scraping, brushing and oiling. Seasoned oak planks are specially chosen for their antique character, concentrating on natural weathering to produce a captivating effect, with a variety of knots, grains and cracks

The 1900 x 190mm boards are constructed with two layers of fast-growing, renewable pine or spruce lamella, with a hardwood oak surface that is bevelled, brushed and hand-scraped for maximum character. Each piece is composed of two conjoined planking strips, giving the effect of a narrow-board floor but with an easier, wider board fitting.

Each board is 15 to 20mm thick, constructed using the Kährs unique three-layer technique which ensures maximum stability and durability of the floor. Kährs Supreme Da Capo Collection employs its patented Woodloc® installation system, a mechanical joint with an additional locking tongue, which makes it possible to install an engineered hardwood floor quickly and easily without glue.

This collection comes in a range of seven rustic colour options, from traditional brown shades to faded greys. Use of smoking and white staining techniques on the boards offers some interesting additional weathering effects.

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