The Oduntans were renovating their 1930s home and wanted a gorgeous chevron floor to install throughout the downstairs area. After consulting our website and ordering several samples, they found their ideal floor! 

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Old kitchen with light coloured tile flooring and white cupboards
The Oduntans' old kitchen
Light coloured chevron flooring with dark kitchen units in a modern kitchen
The new kitchen transformation

What’s your story?

We bought our 1930s semi-detached home with renovation in mind from the start. It had great potential to add an extension and open up the living space to accommodate our growing family. When we started the work, we quickly realised that we’d need to replace the flooring for the whole of the downstairs, in order to create the right flow for the house. I love the look of parquet but our budget wouldn’t stretch to the real deal. Knowing this wouldn’t be our forever home, I was looking for cheaper alternatives to create the same look. The laminate flooring we went for was fantastic in achieving the wow factor but really easy to fit with large panels. We get so many compliments on it! 

Why did you choose Luxury Flooring?

There was a huge choice of flooring at a great price. We found the website really easy to navigate and the free samples were so useful in helping us make the right decision. 

Mum holding baby in modern kitchen wearing bold maxi dress

What does your home situation look like?

It’s myself, my husband, two daughters (age 5 and 2) and Jango, the dog. 

What qualities were you looking for in your new flooring?

Durable, easy to clean, parquet look.

How long have you had your floor and how do you look after it? 

We did the work in 2018 and it still looks as good as new. I just use a vacuum cleaner and then a mild floor cleaning solution when mopping it. 

Have you ever had a "panic moment" with your floor and if so, how did you deal with it?

Yes, we realised the dog bowl was causing some water damage. The floor was bubbling slightly under where it sat. Luckily, we caught it in time, so it didn’t cause lasting damage and we now have a mat on the floor for the bowl to sit on. 

Family picture with mum and two daughters in modern kitchen
The Oduntans' girls, 4 years after the flooring was installed

How would you rate the durability of our floors? 

Excellent, it still looks brand new 4 years later

How has your new floor improved your home?  

It’s made such a difference to the space and really adds the wow factor when you walk into the room. 

Pregnant mum sat in bright yellow chair in neutral, stylish living room with chevron flooring
Modern kitchen with breakfast bar and light chevron flooring with patio door