Edd and Emma wanted a beautiful herringbone engineered wood floor to bring warmth to the living area of their Victorian home. After comparing all of their favourite samples, they chose our Painswick Paradise Engineered Oak to transform their space.   

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Floor used in this project:
Painswick Paradise Oak

Why did you choose Luxury Flooring?

We originally came across Luxury Flooring on Instagram and were initially drawn in by the massive variety of options they could offer. We knew we wanted to do Herringbone flooring with engineered wood, so the great range of options gave us plenty to choose from, and the reviews of how easy it was to lay the flooring were key! The free samples were super helpful in narrowing down the colour and finish we wanted, and it was so easy to get all of the products we needed from one place with quick delivery.

What was most important to you when designing your room?

The living space in the house felt cold and a bit bleak, so we wanted to create something cosy and welcoming, as it’s the space we spend the most time in. We stripped the room back, removed the brick fire surround, the fitted shelving and the old carpets to take it to a blank canvas, and took it from there!

Man gluing down herringbone in living room

What's your story?

When we renovated our flat in London, we went for bold colours and kept it fresh and bright, so when we moved to the house, we wanted to keep things a bit more neutral and warm and make the colours throughout the house flow. We know this will be a long-term home for us, so we really wanted to spend the time getting it exactly right and being able to get free samples of different woods was so helpful before we went for it and bought a whole room's worth of flooring. We also wanted to be sure that whatever we chose was going to stand the test of time.

What does your home situation look like?

It’s just the two of us, but we’re desperate for a dog, which is another reason wood flooring was our preference over carpets!

Which rooms do you use for hosting?  

Now we have the space, we love to host! The downstairs of the house is semi-open-plan, so we can be prepping in the kitchen while our guests are in the dining room, but the main reception room is at the front of the house. This is the space we spend the most time preparing when we host, making sure the lighting is right, candles are lit, the cushions are plumped, and everyone can relax comfortably. We hate a quiet house, so there’s always some background music!

What qualities were you looking for in your new flooring?  

Being a Victorian house, the original floorboards were not 100% level, so we wanted engineered wood that was easy to install to help us with any minor bumps! The reception room also sits directly above the lower ground reception room, so we wanted to ensure the new flooring insulated the floors and felt a little more solid than before!


Have you ever had a ‘panic moment’ with your floor while entertaining? If so, how did you handle it? 

Thankfully, our guests have been pretty well-behaved! But there have been a few occasions where we might have slid a coaster under a glass popped down on the floor!

What advice would you give to someone looking to transform their floor?

We knew what we wanted to achieve for the living room, but it all felt a bit overwhelming knowing where to start as we wanted to change everything. It also always looks worse before it gets better! But you have to trust the process.

How has your floor improved your home?  

The room is unrecognisable compared to when we started! The floor makes the room warm and welcoming and now complements the house's overall period style. We know that when we change the flooring in other parts of the house, we’ll come back to Luxury Flooring!

Living room with herringbone flooring and statement sofas
Living room with herringbone flooring and orange statement chair