On this World Health Day, we’ve taken a look into the role the home plays in keeping us healthy. From a restful night's sleep to a nutritious meal or a lovely warm shower, the home is the hub of self-care and wellness. 

Do our homes make us healthy? 

A staggering 37.2 million Brits are unsatisfied with their health which goes to show how important World Health Day is.

 At Luxury Flooring, we’re a strong believer that health starts at home. We’ve helped over 115,000 happy homes and it turns out that investing in your home can do more than just make you happy - it may make you healthier too.

Homeowners are healthier in the UK

The North East is the unhealthiest region with a health index of 83.2. It also has the lowest percentage of home ownership (60.8%). This is a significant difference from the East of England which is the region with the highest health index (98.4). An impressive 68.2% of those in the East of England own their home, a whopping 7.2% more than the North East - showing that home really is where the health is.

Furthermore, a 2020 study by Loughborough University showed that negative feelings about the home typically related to household chores. A messy house not only made homeowners upset, but it also  left their homes less safe due to hygiene standards dropping and clutter causing hazardous situations.

Health hits home

The most basic levels of human need are all central to the home; shelter, water, clothing, food and sleep. Our home is the haven in which we can access clean water, get dressed every morning, prepare and enjoy meals and rest at night. 

Basic human needs

While the key role that the home plays in these needs may seem obvious , the home is also important as we delve further into the human experience. Our homes offer us a feeling of security that allows us to unwind from stress, preventing many diseases. 

Advanced human needs 

Our homes also allow us a place to create and maintain our interpersonal relationships. Kicking back with housemates, nurturing a marriage, raising children, hosting parties; all of these valuable life experiences that contribute to our wellbeing take place in the home. In fact, a study by Kingfisher found that those who socialise in their homes were 20% happier.

Human aspirations 

The home provides a place for us to express our creativity and individuality - key indicators in the wellness of individuals. Inviting someone into a home that you have decorated to become an extension of yourself is a way to open yourself up to other people and supports the human connectivity that makes us feel happy and well.

How does flooring play a part in your health?

Have you ever noticed cleaning your floors makes your room feel instantly more spacious and clean? Not only do these feelings contribute to an overall feeling of wellbeing and home pride but keeping your floors clean is integral to keeping your home a healthy space. 

During Covid-19, research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that floors played a big part in spreading viruses. Gravity brings down particles and germs that then sit on floors leaving them easily spread by the bottom of our feet/shoes.

This isn’t just the case with illnesses -  anything that comes into contact with your shoes and feet can be transferred to your floor - especially if you’re a shoes-on household.

Having wood, vinyl or laminate flooring means you can easily clean and disinfect your floor. We recommend doing this regularly to keep your home healthy. Carpets, on the other hand, are much harder to disinfect and keep free of germs and bacteria - worth thinking about when you update your flooring. 

How to make your home a healthier space 

Whether you don’t feel your home is at optimal health, or you wish you could get more out of it,  we’ve collated some top tips to make your space a sanctuary of wellness. 

  1. Bedrooms are where dreams are made

A good night’s sleep is one of the key characteristics for a healthy life. We will spend around ⅓ of our lives in bed, yet so many people are resistant to invest money in their sleeping arrangements. We recommend: 

  • Use of a decent black out blind to help you get an undisturbed night’s sleep
  • Checking out UK bed and mattress sizes to make sure you’re getting a good level of support when you replace yours, which should be every 6-8 years
  • Changing bed sheets once a week to keep them free of skin cells, oil and dirt
  • Reducing or completely abstaining from screen time in the bedroom to support your natural sleep cycle
  1. Wall-to-Wall Wellness

The floor is arguably the biggest feature of the house and yet so often goes overlooked. Muddy boots, pet paws, first steps (and every other step taken in your home), spills, slips and trips. Our floor is one of the most used parts of the house and if you want the five second rule to really count for something, you’ll want to keep it clean. We recommend: 

  • Opting for hard flooring such as wood, laminate or vinyl so that you can easily clean and disinfect floors
  • Cleaning your floor weekly to ensure that germs and bacteria are not left to linger and spread
  • Installing underfloor heating to decrease dust mites and prevent respiratory issues
Young man with headphones sitting in a blue armchair working on his computer from home
  1. Working From Home 

Working from home has been a blessing for some and a curse for others. While many find it easier to balance their work and home life with more hours at home, others may struggle with the lack of socialisation and clear boundaries. We recommend: 

  • Keeping a clear divide between the work and leisure areas of your home. If you don’t have a designated working space, try installing a fold away desk to create some separation
  • Taking time away from your desk to rest your eyes and stretch your legs
  • Getting up and dressed every morning to emulate the feeling of being in a working environment
  1. Dine Together 

Studies have shown that time spent together in the home is one of the single most effective ways to improve feelings of wellness in the home. Using mealtimes as an opportunity to check in and socialise is not only a great way to connect with your family but also helps to ensure everyone is eating a balanced diet. We recommend: 

  • Having a routine mealtime that the whole family can commit too 
  • Spending this time without phones/devices to encourage better connections
  • Having your children involved in food preparation and clean up as these are great opportunities to teach them new skills and make them feel valued and included 

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