There are so many options to choose from when it comes to deciding the finish and colour of a wooden floor. But light oak floors seem to win again and again and are constantly trending on Instagram and Pinterest because of the light, fresh look and that fits right into the Scandi trend.

How to get the look? Invisible oil floors. No matter your interior style, colour scheme and lifestyle, these floors tick all the boxes. And if you’re not quite sure what invisible oil is, or why it’s different from other oils, we’re here to help you out. So, first things first, let’s talk about what invisible oil is.

What is invisible oil?

As the name says, invisible oil is a transparent coating that’s used for finishing wooden floors. It’s the same consistency as ordinary oil but without the added colour. With a lot of the light oak floors you see, many of these will have an invisible oil finish to keep that beautiful light colour.

light herringbone

Why is invisible oil the best finish?

Au naturel

One of the best qualities of invisible oil is that it enhances the wood's original features. Rather than sitting on top, the oil soaks into the wood. It strengthens the grain without affecting its original colour. Keeping its glorious, natural untouched look.

Shoppers choose invisible oil to keep that unfinished look but without having to finish the floor themselves.

In fact, Luxury Flooring were one of the first pioneers to market the invisible oil finish. We realised there wasn’t an option for customers who wanted to keep that unfinished wood colour so we crafted a special transparent oil rather than adding the usual stains and colours.

The ultimate protection

Like oiled floors, an invisible oil finish has the same amount of protection against anything that might damage it. It could be kids, pets, general accidents or grit that may come in from outside. But thanks to the strong top layer of invisible oil, you won’t need to worry.

An instant extension

Invisible oil finished floors, just like any light oak floor, are known to make your room look bigger. The light colour will give an uplift to the floor space and accentuate all that space. Unlike dark floors that bring the room in and add a cosy feel. So if you’ve got a small room that you want to make seem bigger, opt for invisible oil and save yourself the money of shelling out for an extension!

Choosing the right shade and grade

Now you know the benefits of having an invisible oiled floor, it’s time to make sure the shade of the floor will match your colour scheme. Invisible oil is a see-through finish but there can be differences in shades of your light oak floor depending on the grade of the wood.

Choosing your floor is one of the most important decisions you will make. After all, it’s probably going to be in your home for a very long time! So, you will want a light oak shade that will match your interior setting as well as suit your lifestyle.

Consider the different tones within the wood itself. Is the floor a prime grade with little to no colour variation? Is it rustic with warm-coloured grains and knots? Each grade can transform the mood of a room. So if you want something cosy, choose a rustic floor with warm tones like honey or caramel. If you prefer something modern and light, choose a prime grade floor that has cool tones.

Match any colour combination

Whether it’s the grey units in your kitchen or the blue walls in your living room, an invisible oiled floor will match any colour and interior setting. And if you’re about to choose which floor shade to go for, consider the colours and interior around your home.

Grey + light oak

Airy tones in a light floor show up particularly well when paired with cool shades like grey. Grey shades can help bring out the pale tones in the wood while enhancing the dark knots and grains. Dark grey is another choice to pair with light wood tones and will look stunning in the herringbone pattern.

grey sofa, cushion and nazy wall

Navy blue + light oak

While these colours are the complete opposite, dark and intense blues will highlight the warm colours buried in the wood. This colour combination is great if you’re looking to change the dynamic in your home. It will look great in kitchens and living rooms, especially in the chevron pattern!

blue themed kitchen with light herringbone flooring

White + light oak

Pairing light wood and white is the ultimate Scandi and minimal dream. Neutral, light and fresh colours are modern and will make your home look bigger because of the way they reflect light. The perfect combination for an airy statement space.

white office space with light wood flooring

Overall, we think invisible oil is the perfect finish if you’re looking for something natural. It’s able to adapt to any interior space, so you will never worry about it going out of date.

Do you have an invisible oiled floor you’ve just fitted? We’d love to see it in your home! Tag us using #MyLuxuryfloor for a chance to be featured in our Instagram posts!