Between 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down every year and this rapid deforestation is having a devastating effect on the health and future of our environment.

With the threat of climate change looming, we know the importance of doing our bit for the planet which is why this Christmas we’re going to be planting a tree for every order placed in December.

Read on to find out more about planting a tree with your order this Christmas.

Where will the trees be planted?

We’ve considered various locations in which planting trees would be beneficial and have decided to plant our trees both in the UK and abroad.

Trees are one of the best ways to decrease carbon pollution in our atmosphere, but sadly the UK is currently suffering from low forest cover rates, with one of the lowest in Europe (13%). In stark contrast, the average rate for European countries is 46% and the global average is 31%. These bleak figures show how vital it is to increase forest cover rates in the UK if we want to fight carbon emissions and climate change.

Trees are more likely to grow rapidly when grown in warmer climates as they have access to the most direct sunlight. As a result, trees planted in the tropics are expected to have a positive impact on climate change sooner than those grown in European countries.

Planting trees in the tropics will also help to replenish forests that have been demolished to produce meat, coffee, cocoa and other exported produce. It’s estimated that approximately four trees are lost annually for every individual which is catastrophic for forest cover rates in these areas.

Who will plant the trees?

The trees will be planted by our tree planting partner who works with Eden Reforestation Projects, a not-for-profit organisation committed to carrying out responsible reforestation work. Their planting sites are audited regularly by third-party organisations to ensure the right number of trees have been planted and that all the trees are healthy and continuing to flourish.

Will the workers planting the trees be cared for and paid a fair wage?

Yes, you can rest assured the people who plant the trees are fairly treated and paid.

Our partner’s mission is to give impoverished villagers the opportunity to earn a fair and consistent wage to support both local economic growth and global forest restoration.

All planters and workers are paid the required minimum wage (or more) for a full month’s work, no matter how many days they work throughout that month. This means that if the weather or ocean conditions prohibit tree planting efforts, all the workers will still be paid in full. In addition, all staff are entitled to a full month of paid time off every year, government healthcare and retirement benefits.

How will you prevent deforestation?

Our tree planting partner has assured us that steps are taken prior to, during and after planting the trees to ensure they are protected from deforestation.

They collaborate with the government to obtain written agreements which provide protection in perpetuity for each of the tree planting sites.

Alternative fuel sources such as fuel-efficient dry wood stoves and solar parabolic stoves are provided for the local villagers to reduce the risk of trees being cut down to produce charcoal. However, it’s unlikely the locals will consider chopping down the trees due to the tree planting model created by our partner. The model is designed to give locals a sense of ownership and pride over their restored forests, as they and their families have been the ones to carry out the work that’s helped them grow.

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