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Cheap Oiled Engineered Flooring

In the engineered range oiled flooring is one of the most popular flooring finishes we sell. It comes in a whole range of different shades, widths and thickness which determine the cost of the floor. We are proud to inform all our customers we offer the cheapest oiled engineered flooring products online. ]
Oiled engineered flooring is suitable for underfloor heating and can be sanded down and refinished multiple times. 
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10 Item(s)
Hutton Barley Oak 125 x 18/5mm
Customer Reviews (7)
Hutton Field Oak 150 x 18/5mm
Customer Reviews (8)
Elgin Pure Oak 190 x 20/4mm
Customer Reviews (2)
Elgin Branches Oak 190 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (16)
Elgin Maze Oak 240 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (12)
Studley Newborn Oak 190 x 14/3mm Unfinished
Customer Reviews (1)
Studley Immaculate Oak 190 x 14/3mm
Customer Reviews (4)
Malham Barley Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click
Customer Reviews (13)
Studley Pristine Oak 190 x 14/3mm
Customer Reviews (5)
Elgin Flock Oak 240 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (19)