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Solid Oak Wood Flooring

Solid oak flooring is one of the most popular materials used for wood floors in the world today, and with good reason. Of all the wood flooring options available, oak probably comes in the widest range of colours, grain patterns, board widths and a whole lot of other specifications. So if you go with oak solid wood flooring, you will be able to find exactly the shape and style you are looking for.

One reason for the availability of such an array of specifications is that oak takes very easily to stains and other colouring techniques. Oak floorboards can come in anything from a nearly white hue to deep, dark brown colouring. In addition, the breadth of styles mean it can give the effect of a clean modern home, or a more classic, rustic property.

Beyond being highly versatile, oak is one of the most durable and hardwearing woods. Its long-time use in building and carpentry, as well as its presence in centuries-old homes throughout the world, are testaments to its long-lasting value.

Some even say that oak ages like wine, improving as it gets older. For that reason, some flooring contractors sell reclaimed oak that can be two or three centuries old.

Part of the reason for oak’s durability is that it is incredibly fungus and insect resistant, which means that it does not have to be repaired (or replaced!) as often as certain other woods.

But probably the best reason to put in a solid oak floor is that it just looks great. The grain in oak woods is particularly attractive, and will add lots of decorative flair and character to your floors. For that reason, you should make sure you shop carefully when looking for oak wood flooring materials; try to find grain patterns that really speak to you.

Beyond its special qualities as a dynamic, durable and very beautiful wood, oak also carries all the same benefits of any wood floor.

Firstly, it will last you a long time (decades or more), and won’t have to be replaced every few years like carpets or linoleum, due to stains or wear and tear.

Wood floors are also very easy to clean, given that you can use a mop and broom rather than just a vacuum. You will want to do this regularly if you want your wood floors to hold up as long as they are intended to. Not only does it help their longevity to give them a regular cleaning, but it keeps them looking great as well.

When it comes to flooring, wood – and solid oak in particular – is the epitome of class and character. It gives any room you put it in a warm, homely feel, to an extent that other flooring options like wall-to-wall carpeting could never approach.

So if you are thinking about putting in some wood floors, you won't regret it. And while you're deciding, think about solid oak flooring. It’s one of the best options out there.

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