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Narrow Solid Wood Flooring

Narrow solid wood flooring is a classy wood flooring option that tends to make small spaces a good deal larger than they actually are. The narrowest boards are typically made of solid oak, which is among the strongest and most durable woods. This is necessary because narrow boards are a bit more delicate than wider ones.

Narrow oak boards range from 55 millimetres wide to 75 millimetres wide. There are also slightly wider (but still narrow) planks made of other solid wood materials, like acacia and walnut woods. This is a great option for narrow hallways, for example, and can go a long way toward widening them.

Since oak is the most common wood used in narrow solid wood flooring, this also means that you have a range of options in terms of colour and grain. Oak takes naturally to different shades of stain, so the colours of your floor can be anything from a clean and elegant white to a dark, rustic brown.

Narrow solid wood is often used with the parquet flooring technique in which each wooden plank is relatively short, and thus less vulnerable to breaking. With the sturdiest woods, however, you can find narrow solid wood planks that allow for the simpler and more traditional patterns of single plank flooring.

The most common narrow solid wood flooring options are the following: 67mm parquet wood flooring, 70mm parquet wood flooring, 73mm wood flooring and 75mm wood flooring.

Narrow plank flooring does take longer to fit than other types of wood floors. This is because the planks are more fragile and so require a good deal more care and precision when they are being laid.

Another reason that you may need to factor in some additional time for installation is that narrow floor boards tend to move more than wider ones. This means that you cannot use the "floating floor" method of installation, where the boards are glued to each other but not to the subfloor.

Instead, depending on the type of subfloor in the room in which you are installing your new floor, you will need to either glue or nail the narrow solid wood floorboards in place. There are pluses and minuses to both methods.

Choosing the latter method, however, does not mean that there will be lots of ugly nails tarnishing your floor’s aesthetic! You can always use the "secret nail" method, in which nails are driven into the boards at 45 degree angles and so hidden from view. Whichever method you choose, narrow solid wood flooring is always worth the extra work that needs to be put into it.

It’s not just the widening effect of narrow wood floorboards that is appealing. Their delicacy also lends them an elegance that makes any room you put them in just a little bit classier. Additionally, once they have been laid, narrow solid wood floors last as long as any other, so you won’t need to be changing your floor again for a very long time.

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