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3 Ply Engineered Wood Flooring

3 ply engineered wood flooring is a cost effective and durable alternative to traditional solid woods. The 3 ply board is made up of three separate and distinct layers that have been securely bonded together to create a strong and stable plank. The top layer is made from a real wood lamella, making the plank indistinguishable from solid wood in appearance. The middle layer, known as the ‘core’, is manufactured from a soft plywood, whilst the bottom ‘base’ layer is usually made from a harder, more durable wood. Due to the outstanding strength of the 3 ply composition, your engineered flooring will last as long as the strongest solid woods on the market!

The Benefits

Not only does 3 ply engineered wood flooring come with a modest price-tag, it is also an amazing choice for areas of underfloor heating. Though all types of engineered flooring can stand up to high levels of moisture and humidity, the slightly thinner construction of 3 ply has less thermal resistance. This will help keep your feet (and your home) that little bit warmer during the colder months. The thinner choice of engineered wood flooring is also an excellent solution for those who require high levels of wear resistance, but have low ceilings. 3 ply does an amazing job of standing up to heavy traffic, whilst simultaneously allowing rooms to have more volume. This can open up a room, giving the impression of more space.

The Choice

Oak has proved time and time again that it is the favourite species of wood flooring amongst homeowners everywhere. Because of this, our 3 ply engineered wood flooring is fitted with a solid oak wear layer. We know that you’ll love the intricate grains of this classic choice just as much as we do!

In addition to an amazing choice of species, our 3 ply flooring comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and thicknesses, giving you the freedom to find a perfect match for your home. On top of that, we offer an amazing range of accessories, and unlimited free samples. Order yours today, and you could receive next day delivery!

For our full range of engineered wood flooring please click here: Engineered Wood Flooring

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9 Item(s)
Painswick Ghoul Oak 150 X 600 X 14/3mm
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Malham Leaf Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click
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Studley Pristine Oak 190 x 14/3mm
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Malham Barley Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click
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Studley Immaculate Oak 190 x 14/3mm
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Studley Newborn Oak 190 x 14/3mm Unfinished
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Malham Espresso Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click
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Studley Harvest Oak 190 x 14/3mm
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Studley Goose Oak 190 x 14/3mm
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