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Brushed and Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

Brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring is one of the best combinations of finishes we offer, providing eye-catching class and long-lasting stability. Whilst the brushing process adds depth and texture to the solid wood wear layer, the addition of lacquer leaves your engineered wood flooring with a charming shine. Alongside eye catching results, your brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring will prove exceptionally durable, having the lifespan of traditional hardwood floors.

The Benefits

With this combination of finishes, your engineered wood flooring will have a classic rustic look and feel whilst remaining extremely low maintenance. The texture introduced by the brushing process will stop minor scuffs and scratches from appearing as visible. At the same time, the lacquer sits above the solid wood veneer, providing a naturally spill resistant and protective layer to your engineered wood floor. All you will need is a damp cloth or mop to keep your floors shining and beautiful.

The Choice

To achieve optimal results from the brushing process, all our brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring comes with a solid oak wood wear layer. The brushing process and lacquer finish of our engineered wood flooring accentuates the stunning close grain of solid oak, delivering a traditional aesthetic to your home.

Our brushed and lacquered engineered oak wood flooring is available in a variety of styles, colours, and thicknesses to perfectly suit your personal preferences. We also offer an excellent line of accessories, so you can maintain and re-lacquer your engineered wood flooring with ease.

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