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Brushed and Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

Brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring is one of the best flooring combinations, with eye-catching class and long-lasting stability. Depending on the angle at which the wood was cut, every wood floorboard has the potential for intricate rings, grains and knots that accentuate its natural character; but new growth can build up on the surface of the boards and conceal the unique beauty of the wood. That is where the brushing process comes in.

As with brushed and oiled boards, brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring has had its newer growth brushed away, allowing the grains, knots and other features to show through. The lacquered finish also adds character to the wood. Unlike an oil finish, which seeps into the board, lacquer sits on top of the wood surface and gives the board a charming shine.

It also provides the board with an extra layer of protection against scuffs and scratches. It's great for protecting the wood against spills and other potentially damaging incidents. For that reason, lacquered boards last decades without needing to be sanded down and refinished. This is one reason that lacquered floors are common in high-traffic areas like basketball courts and gymnasiums.

You should note, however, that refinishing lacquer floors, when necessary, is a big project. The entire floor will need sanding and a new coat of finish, unlike boards that have been treated with an oil finish, where only the damaged part of the wood needs re-treatment.

Another attractive aspect to brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring is the state-of-the-art engineering. Engineered boards are designed to offer the appearance of a solid product with greater stability. While on the surface they look like totally natural wood boards, their top layer has been fused to a carefully engineered core layer. For this core layer there are generally three options, each of which has a different composition. They are known as multi ply, three ply and high density fibreboard (HDF).

A multi ply core means that under the solid wood surface layer there are between 4-12 layers of fused plywood. This is one of the strongest designs in the engineered flooring category.

Three ply is similar to multi ply, however the board is constructed from 3 separate layers, consisting of a hardwood surface layer, a core layer of plywood and supported by a bottom layer of plywood. This makes the price tag of three-ply wood flooring a good deal and more enticing than that of multi ply engineered wood, which can be expensive.

HDF is an option apart, best suited for those rooms that might be exposed to frequent surface impacts, like industrial spaces or gyms. Its core consists of many fused layers of fibreboard.

Whichever core layer you choose, you will be investing in a board that is designed to withstand environmental changes in a way that solid wood flooring cannot. While solid wood boards can expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, creating buckling or even gaps in the floor, engineered flooring resists these forces.

If you aren’t sure whether brushed and lacquered engineered wood flooring is right for the space that you are redecorating, ask us for a free sample. That way you can test our high quality wood against your living environment.

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