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Extra Thick Rugs

Extra thick rugs are rugs with a very high pile height, which is often found in the style of a shag-pile or shaggy rug. The additional depth of an extra thick rug confers a luxurious feel underfoot and increases the rug’s resistance to wear, since there is so much more material to soak up the punishment that all flooring receives over time.

The pile of a rug refers to the raised surface of its fibres, which is composed of the upright strands or loops of wool or yarn which stand up from the backing. Pile is defined by the height and density of its fibres; short pile is composed of close-packed, short fibres, while a shag-pile is composed of longer, looser fibres.

The height of pile on a rug can vary from a low pile at approximately 6mm, to a medium pile measuring between 6 and 13mm, and a plush or shag pile can be between 13 and 19mm, or even longer. Our extra thick rugs start at a pile height of 20mm and go up to 30mm – and a really luxuriant 50mm (almost two inches, in imperial measurements).

A thicker rug has a higher knot count per inch. In traditional rug-making, individual knots are tied into the warp yarns that define the length of the rug, or into a woven fibre backing, and the knots form the rug's pile. The more knots there are, the more dense the overall surface of the rug. Since this operation can now be done by machine, a greater quantity of knots creates a higher density rug which will be more stable and more resistant to dirt and wear.

The base layer of all our extra thick rugs is extremely dense, which reduces the amount of dirt which can get trapped in the fibres, although the surface layer can still pick up dirt fairly easily. However, since all our rugs can be vacuumed, just make sure you use an appropriate attachment, as sometimes the longer pile threads can get stuck in the rotating brush bar of your vacuum cleaner.

As well as choosing the depth of the pile, we can offer extra thick rugs in a broad spectrum of colours, ranging from a plain white, black or grey, through cream, light grey and mocha, to some really vibrant shades in pink, purple, orange and turquoise. We have earth tones in green, brown and red, and our extra thick rugs can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, so you can fit a rug in any room in the house. Sizes begin at 100 x 200cm and go up to 300 x 400, with all sorts of shape variations in between, including runners at 80 x 2500cm.

All of our extra thick rugs are extremely high quality and will bring greatly increased warmth and texture to your home, especially in the winter months, so be sure to look for your perfect rug in the extra thick collection today.

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